History and Milestone

Originated from 1949, GDTEX is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in apparel import and export industry in Southern China. In 1994, GDTEX introduced the joint stock system to establish the modern enterprise system.

  • In 1978, exported China’s 1st indigo dyed jeans to US
  • In 1979, introduced compensation settlement to solve financial obstacle in processing trade
  • In 1979, brought in modern textile machinery to equip the south china production base
  • In 1998, set up Lady’s fashion Design Studio
  • In 2001, set up Children’s wear Design Studio
  • In 2004, set up Jeans wear Design Studio
  • In 2005, launched Overseas production
  • In 2006, set up Testing Center for textile and garment
  • In 2001, set up Cambodia Office to enhance overseas production
  • In 2012, set up Bangladesh Office to allocate global production resources
  • In 2013, set up a Supply Chain Innovation Platform
  • In 2013, set up a petty loan company specialized in supply chain financing
  • In 2013, set up New York (US) office to implement marketing frontier planning


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